Can I validate my feed please?

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I am working on improving the InfoQ smart feeds (I will post another time on the real reasons why I call 'em this way, what improvements I am bringing to the current feed generator and biensure about the problems I faced [blink/]). And one of the most important things I need to do is to validate them. I have found several online services that are doing a great job: Unfortunately, my environment doesn't allow me to use feeds URLs for validation, so the only one working for me is W3C FEED Validation Service, which allows uploading the content of the feed for validation.
I am wondering if there are any desktop apps that do this, or some Ruby/Python scripts for doing this. Any hints?
Update: I have found another RSS 1.0 online validator: Redland RSS 1.0 Validator and Viewer, but not yet what I am looking for.