Idea: Can You Make $1mil. on Facebook?

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While the title says it all, I am still wondering if this threshold can be really reached by a single Facebook app.

Another question that I'd be asking is: if this information is not available, are you still wondering why VC funding is showing less activity lately?


Blogs like allfacebook and TechCrunch are analyzing this topic extensively and shortly put:

That’s within the realm of possibility. Just barely. I guess some people will do anything for money, even if it’s not real.

Erick Schonfeld


There is one thing (well, except the $1mil. whose undeniably an eye-catcher) that caught my eyes on this discussion. The fact that some people are still believing that web2.0 is not about monetization and so they avoid providing details. The web2.0 continues to thought as all about hype and the details of monetization are almost always left aside. Meanwhile, statistics are showing that there are fewer and fewer VC fundings. Are you still wondering why?

The topic will also covered on my koolapp blog. (Articles on koolapp are written in Romanian).