NoSQL: CouchDB: Measuring Read Request Throughput

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CouchDB: Measuring Read Request Throughput

I am trying to measure max couch throughput - for these tests im happy with just repeatedly requesting the same document. I have some reasonable boxes to perform these tests - they have dual quad core X5550 CPUs with HyperThreading enabled and 24GB RAM. These boxes have a stock install of oracle enterprise linux 5 on them (which is pretty much RHEL5). The oracle supplied erlang version is R12B5 and I am using couch 1.0.1 built from source. The database is pretty small (just under 100K docs) and I am querying a view that includes some other docs (the request contains include_docs=true) and using jmeter on another identical box to generate the traffic. The total amount of data returned from the request is 1467 bytes. For all of my tests I capture system state using sadc and there is nothing else happening on these boxes


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