NoSQL: Choosing MongoDB

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Choosing MongoDB

pros it's super fast (it depends on the case – but for ours it is about 5 times faster than a SQL database) it's extremely scalable – up to petabytes with little effort (we don't need the space for a petabyte, but 10 terrabytes) it has got a very good replication mechanism (replica sets) it has got a easy to use Java API the storage format is JSON, which is very easy to handle in Java as well as in Java Script it's easy in operations – you don't have to sit an admin next to it is has got a very active community (I had bug fixes in less than 20 minutes!!! Thanks Elliot! :) they have a clear release cycle the company behind MongoDB (10gen) got fresh money for the next years cons none of us has ever used a NoSQL database the project is relatively young you don't have the relational integrity


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