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BookSleeve: StackExchange Redis C# async Library

So; what are the goals? to operate as a fully-functional Redis client (obviously) to be thread-safe and non-blocking to support implicit database switching to help with multi-tenancy scenarios to be on-par with redis-sharp on like scenarios (i.e. a complete request/response cycle) to allow absolute minimum cost fire-and-forget usage (for when you don't care what the reply is, and errors will be handled separately) to allow use as a "future" – i.e request some data from Redis and start some other work while it is on the wire, and merge in the Redis reply when available to allow use with callbacks for when you need the reply, but not necessarily as part of the current request to allow C# 5 continuation usage (aka async/await) to allow fully pipelined usage – i.e. issue 200 requests before we've even got the first response to allow fully multiplexed usage – i.e. it must handle meshing the responses from different callers on different threads and on different databases but on the same connection back to the originator


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