NoSQL: MongoLab GUI Admin Tool Supports Remote Connections

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MongoLab GUI Admin Tool Supports Remote Connections

We here at MongoLab have always been at work on Web GUI tools for our hosted MongoDB instances.  On more than a few occasions, we've been asked by customers to port our Web GUI to manage their independent instances. With features like Saved Queries, Query Profiler Enabler, Table Views with projections, and a JSON-validating document editor, our Web GUI makes short work of housekeeping and ad hoc document management. So today we are delighted to announce a beta of a brand new service of MongoLab:  Remote Connections!  Now for all of you who are familiar with MongoLab, the handy admin tools you know and love can be used with any MongoDB instance on the Internet!  If you're new to MongoLab, you'll have a web-based view into your MongoDB at the server, database, collections, and document levels.

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