NoSQL: Riak 1.2 Released: Operational Improvements

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Riak 1.2 Released: Operational Improvements

Here's the tl;dr on what's new and improved since the Riak 1.1 release: More efficiently add multiple Riak nodes to your cluster Stage and review, then commit or abort cluster changes for easier operations; plus smoother handling of rolling upgrades Better visibility into active handoffs Repair Riak KV and Search partitions by attaching to the Riak Console and using a one-line command to recover from data corruption/loss More performant stats for Riak; the addition of stats to Riak Search 2i and Search usage thru the Protocol Buffers API Official Support for Riak on FreeBSD In Riak Enterprise: SSL encryption, better balancing and more granular control of replication across multiple data centers, NAT support

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