Follow Up feature with Thunderbird

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One of the nice features of Outlook is the Follow up directory. As I am using for a long time and I don't want to switch from Mozilla or Thunderbird, I was looking to see this feature in it. The following trick will give you something very near the Outlook feature, but unfortunately not as nice as that one.
  1. define your favouring filters and mark the mails with one of the Labels available in Mozilla or Thunderbird (Important, Work, Personal, TODO or Later)
  2. create a search on your account using as a rule Label is <what_you_want>
  3. save the search result as directory
After doing these steps you will have something very similar to Outlook Follow Ups, but without notifications. However, in Mozilla or Thunderbird you will have the possibility to have different types of follow ups according to the chosen Label. You can also manually mark an e-mail with a label by pressing 1 (Important), 2 (Work), 3 (Personal), 4 (TODO), 5 (Later) or 0 to reset any label. Hope you will find this trick usefull and you'll keep using Mozilla or Thunderbird [blink/]. Disclaimer: I am not associated in any ways with Mozilla and/or Thunderbird or any 3rd interested party.