Cloud Computing Unification Getting Ugly

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Just a couple of days after I was reporting about the cloud computing unification manifesto and the debates it generated on the cloud computing market, it looks like we know have two manifestos:

The first one was posted by Geva Perry on his blog: The Open Cloud Manifesto: A Call to action for the worldwide cloud community

This document is intended to initiate a conversation that will bring together the emerging cloud computing community (both cloud users and cloud providers) around a core set of principles. We believe that these core principles are rooted in the belief that cloud computing should be as open as all other IT technologies.

This one seems to have been lead by IBM and it is signed by quite a few companies (naming just a few: IBM, Sun, VMWare, Cisco, SAP, AMD and other 30), except at least 4 big names: Amazon, Microsoft, Google,

The second one is hosted on Wikipedia and was created as a response to the Microsoft remarks about having this initiative being really open and collaborative:


  • User centric systems enrich the lives of individuals, education, communication, collaboration, business, entertainment and society as a whole; the end user is the primary stakeholder in cloud computing.
  • Philanthropic initiatives can greatly increase the well-being of mankind; they should be enabled or enhanced by cloud computing where possible.
  • Openness of standards, systems and software empowers and protects users; existing standards should be adopted where possible for the benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Transparency fosters trust and accountability; decisions should be open to public collaboration and scrutiny and never be made 'behind closed doors'.
  • Interoperability ensures effectiveness of cloud computing as a public resource; systems must be interoperable over a minimal set of community defined standards and vendor lock-in must be avoided.
  • Representation of all stakeholders is essential; interoperability and standards efforts should not be dominated by vendor(s).
  • Discrimination against any party for any reason is unacceptable; barriers to entry must be minimised.
  • Evolution is an ongoing process in an immature market; standards may take some time to develop and coalesce but activities should be coordinated and collaborative.
  • Balance of commercial and consumer interests is paramount; if in doubt consumer interests prevail.
  • Security is fundamental, not optional.

I'd say that it is more than clear that aligning the cloud computing initiatives will take a while and that the fight for the market is just starting. Not to mention the fact that most probably Sun will not stay aside and will start pushing for its Virtual Data Center API initiative too Update: it looks like Sun is in fact part of one of the manifestos.