OpenSocial Resources

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OpenSocial Supporters/Implementors

  • AOL
  • hi5
  • Hyves
  • iGoogle
  • imeem
  • MySpace
  • Netlog
  • Ning
  • Plaxo Pulse

Social Design Best Practices

  1. Engage Quickly: we suggest you focus on the 30s experience; before distracting the user with expert features. Try the following:
    • Show value and identity by making the purpose and core features of your application absolutely clear.
    • Populate the application with fun or interesting content (especially content from friends) that makes for a browse-friendly experience.
    • Make it easy for the user to add content, change settings and feel ownership of the application. This increases a user's desire to keep the application on his/her profile.
  2. Mimic Look and Feel: attempt consistency with the container UI by using similar fonts, tabs and buttons.
  3. Enable Self Expression:
  4. Make it Dynamic
  5. Expose Friend Activity
  6. Browse the Graph
  7. Drive Communication
  8. Build Communities
  9. Solve Real World Tasks
Implementation: Apache Shindig

Friend Connect

Friend Connect: uses three open standards to connect to other websites. It uses OpenID for identity and logging in, it uses OAuth to authorize access to friend and profile data on existing sites that host it, and it uses OpenSocial to embed the applications within your site.

Friend Connect will work with existing standards such as OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, as well as with data access APIs from Facebook, Google, and MySpace.


Friend Connect is geared at the Long Tail of small sites that don’t even have any user information. It allows them to tap into bigger sites and piggyback on their user sign-in and registration, list of friends, and interactions between those friends. It takes advantage of many existing standards, including Facebook’s (it is not an official partner, but it Google is taking advantage of its published APIs).

Erik Schonfeld on TechCrunch

MySpace Embraces DataPortability, Partners With Yahoo, Ebay And Twitter

MySpace is a partner in Google's OpenSocial project, but this is being done outside of that framework. MySpace says they’ll adopt the Open Social APIs that evolve around data sharing once they are developed and announced.

Social Graph API