Digg: I Want My PageRank Back!

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Update 1: I think there is a possible fix for the Digg new behavior. It involves the usage of a new HTML directive in the form:

  <link rel="canonical" href="ORIGINAL_URL" />

but I don't know how many search engines are using this information. For more details about rel='canonical' see the Resource section.

Update 2: There is already a PHP script for denying access to the page when it is referred from a short Digg link. You can find it here. The idea is simple: look for the Referer request header.

Update 3: Engadget is blocking DiggBar.

Update 4: Some are saying DiggBar is not evil.

You've been blogging for a while and with some blood, sweat and tears you've been able to build some PageRank , so your blog would sometimes really appear on the Google searches.

You've also tried to bring more traffic to your blog, so you've submitted your stories to Digg, Reddit, etc hoping that someday you'll reach the homepage and that will generate thousands of visits.

Anyways, by launching the DiggBar and introducing the new internal URLs for stories posted on Digg, Digg has decided that getting some traffic from Digg is enough reward for your posts and your PageRank is worth nothing. By loading your page in an IFRAME they made sure you'll get no PageRank at all and that all future search engine generated traffic will go to Digg.


I do understand that you need a way to feed your well overstuffed company, but I'd expect something else from a 'web legend' like Kevin Rose. Thanks for understanding the web Digg!

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By the way: I've already removed Digg from the initial bookmarks options for this blog.