QS: Why Asesoft and eMAG?

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While I've been reading about it all over the internet, I still cannot find a good answer to why Asesoft has bought 51% of the online retailer eMAG. I am definitely unaware of the online retailing market so I'd really love to have an answer from the market experts to:

Why has Asesoft taken over 51% of eMAG online retailer?

The official announcement mentions that this is just a financial investment coming from Asesoft to help eMAG consolidate on the market, but I'd say that it doesn't make for a good take over justification. Not being an expert, I'd speculate that:

  1. Asesoft is interested in the eMAG distribution chain and eMAG will become a strategic part of Asesoft Distribution (in favor of this hypothesis comes the fact that Asesoft has also acquired a division of Flamingo International specialized in distribution)
  2. eMAG needed a lot of money that they couldn't get without giving up control

What's your opinion?