Lucky 7: We Want to See Blood

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Disclaimer: This post is mainly dedicated to the Romanian audience and especially to those involved in the Romanian online business.

I have finally got the chance to participate to the Lucky 7 event organized by Cristi Manafu, a great initiative meant to help new comers promote their projects, learn and get feedback from those with experience in the Romanian online business.

Unfortunately, I have to say that the event has quickly transformed in a blood bath, some of the people invited to share their knowledge effectively trashing the projects. (nb on the other hand both Cristi and Costin have tried to offer some real advise).

Anyways, don't get me wrong. I still believe that those presenting should not be looking for a pat on their back and they need to hear real opinions. Still, I feel there is a long way between expressing your opinion (even if it is a blunt and direct one) and demolishing both the presenter and his idea. It is my belief that constructive and positive advise has a lot of value (via Vlad).

Even so, there is a lot to learn from this experience for those presenting and I think they should continue doing it while others staying in the shadow should try it:

  • learn how the market players are thinking
  • learn how important people on the market are behaving and how are they preparing to welcome you
  • learn how to filter information
  • last but not least: improve your presentation skills, connect and promote your business

We are still at the beginning and I hope in time we will become more opened, more friendly and, what I think is most important, more helpful.

In case you'd like to hear what I think about the projects that were presented at Lucky 7, drop me a note and I'll follow up with a post. Meanwhile you can read what Mircea wrote about the projects.