The Bell-Shaped Blog Interactions

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In a guest post over Louis Gray's blog, Hutch Carpenter presents the 4 blogging phases and the way they are influencing the level of 7 different types of interactions with the readers:

And what are "interactions"?

  • Allowing blog comments
  • Responding to blog comments
  • Commenting on FriendFeed about your blog
  • Tweeting links to your blog posts
  • Digging your blog
  • Stumbling your blog
  • Pimping your blog on others' blogs

Judging on the level of interaction I get, I'd like to conclude that my blog falls in the "industry legend" category, but for doing so I'd have to include the tons of spam I've received. Otherwise, I'll remain on the border between a newbie and the one still trying to figure it out :-).