DevWorld Retrospective

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Monday marked the first edition of the an event organized by IDG and addressed to developers and designers.

The good

  • I really liked the format of the event with some short sessions at the beginning, followed by specialized sessions for developers and designers and a panel
  • I liked most of the sessions. I know it is very difficult to make everyone happy about it, so this is just my feedback
  • I liked the fact that attendees have used the breaks to socialize and I've heard a lot of interesting discussions
  • The selected projects for the contest were quite good. Their presentations were good too.
  • The feedback they have received back looked to be in the right spirit.

The bad

  • There was no internet connection and I had to buy it myself from the hotel desk. While I'm aware that getting an internet connection arrangement may be difficult and/or expensive (to somehow confirm this hypothesis, I've noticed that too many such events were no providing an internet connection) I think the organizers should try harder to get one.
  • The space allocated for breaks was quite small and it hardly accommodated all the event participants
  • Most of the sessions were longer than scheduled and so the agenda was not respected. While I do think that the speakers were the ones responsible for this issue, the organizers should have set up a process to keep it under control
  • For the last couple of hours of the event there was no water.

What I'd like

  • I'd like to see people in the audience getting more involved during the sessions
  • I'd like to see people trying to connect with as many others as possible (instead of spending the breaks with the group they came in)
  • and I'd definitely like to see the next edition.

Last, as I couldn't run the whole presentation I'm embedding it here:

PS: Thanks to the fact that the schedule was not respected, I've had the chance to present to the full audience (and I confess I was quite happy with that).

Is there anything I've forgot?