Google: Words vs Meaning

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Whenever we build out new products and features at Google, we try to ensure that we provide users with two key components: transparency and control.

By looking at the messages the Google App Engine team is posting in reply to reported issues, I have a couple of hypothesis:

  1. the Google App Engine team is not aware of this policy
  2. the Google App Engine team is not part of Google
  3. the above paragraph is just PR

I hope you'll pick the right one(s).


Another thing I've noticed about the openness of Google is that they consider that opening the communication chains is equivalent to listening to your community. I'll tell you what: having a mailing list or a forum or a blog is not listening to your community and even less building a community. In fact, asking for feedback and not listening to it is much more frustrating than not doing it at all (just check the issue tracker for Google App Engine issue tracker or its corresponding Google Group to learn how to ignore your community).

So, I'll let you decide: is Google really transparent? is Google listening to his community?