JQuery Popup Dialogs Plugins

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A set of jQuery popup, dialog, gallery plugins through two different pairs of eyes: jQuery Popup Dialog and Gallery Plugin Reviews and 10+ promising jQuery Lightbox-Clones Plugin.

The reviewed plugins are:

  • FancyBox (both articles)
  • FaceBox (both articles)
  • Impromptu (1st article only)
  • BlockUI (1st article only)
  • nyroModal (both articles)
  • FancyZoom (both articles)
  • Boxy (1st article only)
  • Flyout (1st article only)
  • Pirobox (2nd article only)
  • ThickBox (2nd article only)
  • prettyPhoto (2nd article only)
  • Interface Imagebox (2nd article only)
  • jQuery lightBox plugin (2nd article only)
  • Greybox Redux (2nd article only)

I only have used FaceBox as it pretty much covered everything I needed. It's design, look and feel resembles the one of the Facebook dialogs (the name also suggests that). I've also found Coda Popup Bubbles, but haven't used it.

Have you used any of these plugins? Which one would you recommend?