The last two presentations of the eBusinessIntro/DaAfaceri meet-up

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This is the second and last part of the eBusinessIntro/DaAfaceri meet-up coverage. In the first part I have covered the presentations of Mircea Scarlatescu and Emi Gal. This entry is featuring the presentations of Vladimir Oane and Florin Grozea
Yesterday I have promised you a surprise and thanks to Vladimir and Florin you will now have the chance to get full access to their presentation materials.

Vladimir Oane

Vladimir Oane is founder and CEO of ubervU whose main product is still in demo . Vladimir is also Marketing Manager at CaptainGO which is present online through His presentation was called: Sharing a Romanian Entrepreneur's mastership to reduce the frustrations of an online business startup (n.b. it was quite a challenge to translate the original title: "Invataturile maiastre ale unui antreprenor roman care o sa va scuteasca de frustrari atunci cand va deschideti o afacere pe Internet").

Presentation key points:

  • Do what you like and have fun doing it! If you are having fun you'll lose nothing. Exit when you don't have fun anymore
  • Entrepreneurship is about freedom and experimentation
  • Don't start by thinking about money. At least not from the very beginning.
  • The younger you start the easier is to deal with frustrations inherent to a startup
  • Do not become the slave of your own company
  • Your "big" idea should not be top secret. Most probably it is however a bad one
  • Work on one idea at a time

Vladimir's talk was enternaining and he has emphasized a couple of key points that are usually avoided by people talking about startups.

Now is the time for the promised surprise!. Vladimir was the first one answering my call to share his slides, so now you have the chance to view his presentation in full format. I would encourage you to check also the quotes in the slides which are particularly great

Florin Grozea

Florin Grozea is the first Romanian singer blogger. Recently, in collaboration with Branient (whose manager is Emi Gal), Florin has launched

Key take-aways:

  • Florin's bet is that future is:
    • digital
    • free (or at least feel like free)
    • streaming
  • The are better 'things' that free:
    • quality
    • speed (n.b. I think Florin was referring to specialized/customized offers)
    • brand
    • personalization (n.b. see above point about speed)
    • interpretation (n.b. I guess Florin was referring to additional/auxiliary services)
    • relevance
  • Social + music + free + fun = love

With his showbiz background, Florin feels very natural 'on stage'. He had to answer quite a few questions related to the legal model of Florin has also answered my call for his presentation so here it is: DaAfaceri eOk (PDF) (Note: do not try to open the file by clicking the link. Right click and save target link. The file has the wrong format and will not be correctly displayed in your browser)

The end

This is my first attempt to cover a romanian meet-up. Hopefully, there will be other such posts, but for this I would like to get your feedback. Please do let me know if you found the format of the post good, if the content was enough good to give you an idea of what happened there, etc.. Also do let me know if you have suggestions on how to get it better. Please feel free to criticize!

I must confess that I am pretty happy that the presenters have agreed to send me their materials for publishing (and this was against all advises I've got before!).

Special thanks

In the end I would like to send my special thanks to both Vladimir and Florin for giving me the possibility to offer you access to their presentations.

Update Mircea has also agreed to have his presentation featured here. I will be posting it shortly at the end of the Offline from eBusinessIntro/DaAfaceri Meet-up where his talk was covered.