Video content everywhere

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In a market clearly dominated by YouTube (including Google Video), new products seem to come out every day.

Companies don't seem to be worried by the YouTube market share and they are launching new video related products every day.

Not so long ago, we have heard from Seesmic about video-based comments that comes in the form of a Wordpress plugin and their plans to provide similar plugins for Moveable Type and Typepad.

We also have video for intellectuals provided by :

and BigThink with their short very topic focused videos:

One thing that I liked on was the possibility to watch either the whole video or just the Highlights, an approach that is somehow addressing one of my main concerns related to video content

(This video for intellectuals/smart people tagline sounds like something I have heard about in the .ro space too)

I must also mention the online TV guides with video: MeeVee (unfortunately, I've had to spend some time trying to find a program that was really available, so I must confess that I wasn't too impressed by their services) and also the video on demand solutions like Sezmi , which "combines traditional TV content, movies and internet video".

Last, but not least, there are all those products offering new approaches for monetizing video content, but these will be covered some other time

While I'm most definitely loving rich media content, I am still having a couple of concerns related to video-based content:

  • it is still hard to be indexed and searched
  • it is hard to skim over video content and measure its relevance
  • it is quite impossible to reference/quote specific fragments
  • it is way quite hard to produce high quality content, while producing low/crappy quality is way too easy