What would you say about .ro users?

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I have written this entry a couple of days before the eBusinessIntro/DaAfaceri. It was quite interesting to find out that quite a few players on the .ro market are having similar feelings and so I have decided to update the entry and post it.

There cannot be an online business discussion without covering the demographics topic. At eBusinessIntro/DaAfaceri this topic has occurred over and over again and it ranged from school and personal education up to what can be done by the online players. Unfortunately, there weren't any clear conclusions other than the basic things:

You should be interested in getting the money and not how you are getting them.
Give the prospective users more options and at some point they will realize it is useful.

But what is so special or uncommon about the .ro users that make the online players discuss it over and over again? Well, except the facts that we are really missing the basic information (like how large is the market) and any real and trustworthy demographics (age, studies, etc.), there may be a couple of more interesting aspects that the online businesses should be aware of.

So here is how I would characterize the online community according to my short experience in this (particular) space

The .ro user space is very young (sometimes even childish), most of the time unfair, but definitely passionate.

Is it something in this that can be used? I guess this is up to you. And in case you are having a bit of a hard time to believe the above, then I'll encourage you to check the comment threads in the following samples (warning: ro knowledge is required):

How would you characterize the .ro users?