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I was planning to blog about this reunion live. Unfortunately the venue was lacking any forms of connectivity and so the content is published after the meet-up has ended.

The meet-up was organized by the DaAfaceri college organization and was meant to offer the college people the opportunity to get in contact with a couple of local online entrepreneurs. There have been around 50 people and 4 speakers: Mircea Scarlatescu, Emi Gal, Vladimir Oane and Florin Grozea. I have extracted a couple of key points that have appeared during the presentations.

Mircea Scarlatescu

Mircea is co-founder of FYB whose presence online is, and

Presentation key points:

  • There are 7mil. estimated online users
  • In 2006 online advertisement was around 8.5mil.Euros and for 2008 it is estimated that this will grow up to 12-20mil.
  • The revenue of web design companies is estimated to around 5mil.Euros. N.b. I think this is referring to web
  • The online market is young and has plenty of unexplored niches
  • The online audience is: uneducated and lacking trust in online businesses
  • Use consultants/consulting companies for all important steps. No names were given, but Mircea assured that you can find specialized companies/individuals for each step. The quote I've liked best was:
    Friends may prove to be very good advisers/commenters after couple of beers.
  • Try to get as much feedback as possible. Negative or positive it will help you in the end
  • Initial budget must be increased by 15%. The audience suggested that 2x or even 3x is in fact the number you are looking for
  • "Be parsimonious until you become profitable"

Mircea has referred to Trilulilu quite a few times during his presentation and somehow avoided to use his sites as example.

Emi Gal

Emi Gal is Managing Director at Brainient. and are two of the most important project of the company. Brainient in partnership with Florin Grozea has launched in March 2008 the first site for legal music

Key take-aways:

  • Solve a problem
  • Choose the right partners. Avoid partnering with friends.
  • Focus on your main business and say no to everything else
  • Do not invest everything you have (n.b. Do not put all your eggs in the same basket)

Emi has received quite a few questions as what was the initial vision, what is the future of

Update 1: I really have to apologize but most probably I will not be able to post the rest of the entry this evening. But to compensate for this, I must let you know that Vladimir Oane has already sent me his presentation so you'll be able to see it in full format. Thanks a lot Vladimir. I still have hopes to get the other materials too.

Update 2: The second part has been published. Both featured speakers have sent me their presentation materials so you'll have full access to those.

Update 3:Mircea has agreed to have his full presentation embedded here. I will be posting it shortly. Thanks a lot Mircea!

Update 4: Here is Mircea's presentation: